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Student Library Card Application

  1. Attention

    This form is intended only to be submitted by students and parents or legal guardians of students in Woodbridge Township. For all other library card applicants, please see the general requirements of library membership. Thank you.

  2. Student's School Information

  3. If the student attends a school in Woodbridge Township not listed in the previous list, please choose "Other" and enter the name of the school here.

  4. Student's Information

  5. Student's Home Address

  6. Parent or Guardian's Information

    Please provide at least one contact number in addition to an email address.

  7. Student's Library Card

  8. Current Library Card Status*
  9. Terms & Agreement

  10. Terms of Application & Agreement*

    By submitting this application, I declare that all information provided is accurate and I accept and agree to adhere to all rules and regulations of the Woodbridge Public Library. I accept responsibility for all use of the library card, all materials checked out on the card all charges made against it. I agree to promptly pay all fees charged to my library account for damaged, lost or late materials. I agree to provide timely notice of address change or loss of card.

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