Floodplain Management

Effective Tools to Help Increase Flood Resilience

This webpage has been developed to help minimize risk within floodplains, and in order to reduce the amount of flood damage sustained during future flood events. Some areas of Woodbridge Township have been historically susceptible to flooding, and as a result it’s important to know how to prepare for, respond to, and recover from a potential flood event.

The information found on this webpage should be used as complimentary guidance materials. This webpage is intended to help provide an overview of key information related to flood risk and vulnerability as per, federal, state and local regulations. However, this webpage does not create liability on the part of the municipality, or any officer, or employee thereof, for any damage that results from reliance on guidance or determinations made by its use. This webpage can be used to help aid decision-making processes with engineers, ecologists, planners, construction officials, and emergency managers.

If you are in the market to potentially purchase property, you should examine any possibility of a flood hazard Before You Buy, and Before You Build, and the need to have flood insurance to protect yourselves and your property. Federal law requires that a Flood Insurance Policy be obtained as a condition of a federally backed mortgage or loan that is secured by the structure located in an area of special flood hazard, as per the Effective Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) delineation. Although some areas susceptible to flood risk do not require the purchase of flood insurance, it is recommended in order to best minimize financial vulnerability during a potential flood event.

The Township recognizes The New Jersey State Flood Hazard Area (FHA) Control Act Rules, N.J.A.C. 7:13. Please note that in situations where the base flood elevation (BFE) denotes a more protective delineation on the 2014 - Preliminary FIRM, the State of New Jersey is using this information as the basis for statewide floodplain development standards. To learn more about the types of N.J. Flood Hazard Area Permit Authorizations, CLICK HERE.To view the Township’s Municipal Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance, CLICK HERE and view Chapter 22 of the General Ordinances. To view the Township’s Open Space Conservation & Resilience Zone Ordinance (OSC/R Zone), CLICK HERE (PDF).

Woodbridge Township has areas of special flood hazards located in the AE, A, Coastal A, and VE zones. You can locate Special Flood Hazard Areas in your neighborhood by looking at the Flood Insurance Rate Maps at FEMA’s Map Service Center.

To learn more about Flood Zones, CLICK HERE.

To learn more about the Township’s floodplain restoration efforts, CLICK HERE (PDF).

To learn more about the beneficial functions of natural floodplains, CLICK HERE (PDF).

CLICK HERE for the Woodbridge Township Interactive Flood Viewer showing showing: 

2010 Effective F.I.R.M. Map

2014 Preliminary F.I.R.M Map 

Please note that the Woodbridge Township Flood View should only be used as a reference. For further flood zone clarification or to request a flood zone designation letter for your property, please contact Thomas C. Flynn, M.P.A., CFM in the Woodbridge Township Division of Engineering.