Community Rating System Activities and Information

This is a supplemental list of Woodbridge Township's CRS Program


Public Information Activities (Series 300)

This series credits local activities that advise people about the flood hazard, flood insurance, and flood protection measures. 
Activity 310 - Elevation Certificates: The Township of Woodbridge maintains and provides Elevation Certificates online on its website and on file in the Township Division of Engineering office. Copies of Elevation Certificates can also be requested from the Township Clerk's office by submitting an OPRA Request.

Activity 350 - Flood Protection Information
  8. Real-time Gage Information
          i. Subtract approximately 3 feet from gaged Bergen pt. water level (referenced to MLLW datum) to convert to NAVD88
         ii. Subtract approximately 3 feet from Stevens model flood prediction for Arthur Kill (referenced to MLLW datum) to convert flood               elevations to NAVD88 
        iii. Woodbridge Township Effective Flood Insurance Rate Map and Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Map (NAVD88 elevations)                can be found HERE.
 9. Anticipated Flood Levels:
Activity 360 - Flood Protection Assistance
2. Information on Financial Assistance Programs
     a. FEMA Grants
     b. Flood Insurance
     d. SBA Mitigation Loan
Activity 370 - Flood Insurance Promotion

Mapping & Regulations (Series 400)

This series credits any program that provides increased protection to new development.
Activity 410 - Floodplain Mapping
Activity 450 - Stormwater Management Regulation

Flood Damage Reduction Activities (Series 500)

This series focuses on reducing flood damage to existing buildings.
Activity 540 - Drainage System Maintenance

Warning and Response (Series 600)

The activities in this series focus on emergency warnings and response.