The decision to get treatment for oneself or a loved one with a substance use disorder is difficult, and an internet search will often leave people feeling overwhelmed. While there are thousands of treatment facilities, determining the appropriate level of care and what is within range of one's financial resources can narrow choices down quite a bit. If you have private insurance, the best first step would be to contact your insurance company to find out what they cover. Be aware that mental health treatment, including treatment for substance use issues, is considered an "essential service" and cannot be excluded from your policy. If you are told you are not covered for mental health/substance use services, ask to speak with a supervisor. Once you are given a list of "in-network providers," you can begin to determine what works for you. Some facilities will work with insurers "out-of-network," but it is important to make sure your insurance policy will pay out-of-network providers.

 ​​If you have Medicaid and are under 21, or if you have Medicare and are over the age of 65, you will be able to find outpatient, detox and inpatient (residential) treatment at many facilities. The list at the link above will tell you if a facility accepts Medicaid and Medicare. ​

​If you have Medicaid or Medicare, and are between the ages of 21 and 65, you will be able to find outpatient services on the list at the link above. However, inpatient services such as detox and residential 30-day programs have to be provided by specific facilities. To connect with those services, call the IME (Interim Managing Entity) at 844-276-2777. Note: In order to get information about available services, the person seeking treatment will need to be present for the phone call to the IME.

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