How To Become A Woodbridge Now Local Business

Dear Woodbridge Township Business Owner/Operator

Woodbridge Township is sponsoring a "Buy Local" campaign which encourages Township residents to "Buy Local" - but we need your participation! Register for the Woodbridge Township "Buy Local" business app… offer a "Buy Local" incentive, promotion, or merchandise discount… and increase traffic to your store.

Incentivizing Business

The "Buy Local" campaign is central to Woodbridge Township's business and economic stimulus incentive with the goal of fostering a greater sense of awareness of local businesses, local business opportunities, and even local job opportunities. The benefits of "Buy Local" are incredibly vast - "Buy Local" serves to ensure the success of local, small businesses by keeping dollars in our local economy… "Buy Local" creates local jobs… And "Buy Local" reduces the Township's carbon footprint, vehicle emissions, and environmental pollution.

How You Can Become A "Buy Local" Business

As a valued Woodbridge Township small business or retailer, your business' success is important. You are invited to enjoy the opportunity of having your business advertised on the Woodbridge Township "Buy Local" online directory of local businesses. Once you establish a discount, of whatever value, for your goods and/or services - an incentive designed to encourage Township residents to "Buy Local" at your business - you will receive a "Buy Local" decal which designates your store, restaurant, business, or location as a participating member of the Woodbridge Township "Buy Local" program. Township residents can download our app to their smartphone or tablet… shoppers are instructed to present the "Buy Local" offer on their device to receive their "Buy Local" discount.

To become a participating Woodbridge Township "Buy Local" business, complete the online registration. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Mayor's Office at 732-602-6015 or email.

Don't simply do business in Woodbridge - be a part of Woodbridge… be a "Buy Local" business.

John E McCormac
Township of Woodbridge