Obtaining An Exemplified Disposition


An Exemplified Certificate of Disposition is a raised seal document that lists the results of a court proceeding.


The cost of an Exemplified Certificate of Disposition is $10.

The information of this document shows the defendant's name, the charges, how the defendant pled, and the finding of the matter. The outcome of a court proceeding is public record and available to anyone.

Obtain Copies

If you wish to obtain a copy of a Exemplified Certificate of Disposition you first must fill out the "State Judiciary Records Request Form."

Process Request

After you fill out the form you can come to the Municipal Court and process the request. In most cases your Certified Disposition will be typed while you wait, however some older matters that require manual docket book search may take longer and would be available for pickup within 72 hours .

If you wish to process this request by mail please follow the steps below:
  • Fill out the Exemplified Disposition Request Form (PDF) completely
  • Send the request form along with a check or money order (no cash for $10 made payable to: Woodbridge Municipal Court
  • Mail your request to:
    • Woodbridge Municipal Court
      1 Main Street
      Woodbridge, NJ 07095
  • Please remember to include the address you want the disposition mailed back to. In addition, please include your phone number so that we can reach you in the event we are unable to locate you record.