Recycling & Cleanup

Special Pick-Up Scheduled for Tree Limbs & Branches


Do you have tree limbs and branches that came down during the storm? Here’s what you do!!! Cut (3 foot lengths), bundle and tie tree limbs and brush as best as possible and stack at the curb. The special pick-up for tree limbs, branches and brush is for a limited time only – the special pick-up ends on March 31, 2018. So schedule your FREE pick-up today by calling the Department of Public Works Sanitation Office at: 732-738-1311.

Scheduled brush pick-ups start April 16 throughout the Township.  Visit the Township web page - 2018Sanitation Calendar for date(s) and area(s) for the annual Spring brush collection. for more information.

We’ve updated the annual Spring Clean-Up & Bulk Waste curbside collection program – 

Changes to the Annual Special Bulk Waste Collection & Curbside Pick-Up Program

DPW Bulk Pick-Up_Program 2019

We’ve updated the annual Spring Clean-Up & Bulk Waste curbside collection program – instead of the complicated pick-up schedule that ran from April through June, we’re now offering every residential household a ONE-TIME PER YEAR FREE BULK WASTE PICK-UP.  The new bulk waste collection system is more convenient for resident homeowners and allows the Department of Public Works to better manage bulk waste collection.  Bulk waste items that will be collected at the scheduled curbside pick-up include: Furniture, Mattresses, Carpeting, Appliances, Electronics (computers, TV’s, etc.) and Mixed Metals.  NO Concrete, asphalt, brick, block or stone, hazardous waste, tires, paint or chemicals will be accepted.  


Call the Department of Public Works Sanitation Office at: 732-738-1311 x3600 or the Office of Recycling at: 732-738-1311 x3035.  Visit the MyWaste APP or the Township Web Page: for information about the revised residential bulk waste pick-up service.  The staff will explain the program and get you on the schedule!!! 

Single Stream Recycling is Successful!!!

Thank You For Recycling_2019

The WB News is sending a special Shout-Out to all Township residents!!!  Thanks to you, our Single Stream Recycling Program is working!!!   Single Stream recycling – putting all recyclables (plastic, glass, bottles and cans, cardboard, mixed paper) in the same container - eliminates the need to separate and/or bundle and substantially increases the amount of household waste that we recycle.  Recycling is a great deal for every Woodbridge Township resident, homeowner and business.  And, recycling is not only profitable… it’s the right thing to do for our environment.  As a result of our increasingly successful recycling program, the Mayor’s Office received a Recycling Tonnage grant totaling $147,187.00 and a Clean Communities grant of $163,272 from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

Recycling By The Numbers:

One Year of Curbside Recycling in Woodbridge

                        542 Tons of plastic containers

                        8,154 Tons of newspaper, cardboard and food packaging boxes

                        1,844 Tons of glass jars and beverage containers

                        3,795 Tons of junk mail and waste paper

                        399 Tons of aluminum and metal beverage and food containers

            Total:  14,760 Tons of Recycling Collected by the Department of Public Works Each Year!!!

Woodbridge Now Recycles:

Cooking OilCooking Oil

Plastic Bags & Film Packaging

Empty bags

Monofilament Fishing Line

Fishing Line Recycling - Boat Launch 2018

Drop-Off Bulk Waste for FREE at the Public Works

Recycling & Convenience Center


BULK WASTE ACCEPTED:  Appliances, Mixed Metal, Bulk Waste, Concrete, Asphalt, Brick (homeowner repair only; no contractors), Brush, Leaves, Old Propane Tanks and Electronics (computers, monitors, scanners, laptops, modems, printers, cables, keyboards and televisions)

Drop-Off Hours:

Mon. – Fri.: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Saturday:  8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Closed on Sunday

Public Works Hotline ~ 732-726-2325

Call the Public Works Hotline to report potholes, illegal housing, property maintenance violations or other Township-related concerns