Teen Health & Safety

It's not easy being a teen: body changes, family expectations, pressure at school, relationship problems....it all adds up to one big ball of stress! Check out our list of resources to help you navigate the ups and downs of being a teen and how to stay healthy, balanced, and smart.

  • Al-Anon for Teens - Provides resources, support and community meetings for teens that are dealing with a family member or friend that has a drinking problem.
  • Go Ask Alice! - A team of Columbia University-based health care professionals and specialists answer all of your questions about tons of health topics.
  • MedLinePlus: Teen Health - A great resource from the U.S. National Library of Medicine about medical topics that are specifically related to teens.
  • GirlsHealth.gov - Articles, facts, quizzes and more from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services cover mental, physical and emotional health for girls.
  • Planned Parenthood: Teen Talk - Have questions about dating, relationships, gender identity, and sexual health? Check here for information from experts.
  • Sex, Etc. - Not just about sexual education, this site covers lots of other topics, including body image issues, abuse and violence, gender orientation, pregnancy, and more.
  • 2NDFLOOR Youth Helpline (1- 888-222-2228) - A free, confidential, and anonymous service where teens can get help with issues and problems via phone, email, or message board.
  • I'm Alive: Suicide and Crisis Hotline - A confidential hotline and chat site run by the Kristin Brooks Hope Center for teens who are dealing with issues and suicidal thoughts.
  • New Jersey Suicide Prevention Hopeline - Confidential telephone support, counseling, and referrals to help you get through difficult times.
  • NJ Domestic Violence Hotline (800-572-7233 - A hotline serving domestic violence victims and those looking for domestic violence services.
  • NJ Coalition Against Sexual Assault (NJCASA) - Provides information, assistance, and referrals to those affected by sexual violence. A confidential hotline is available at 800-601-7200.
  • It Gets Better Project - A worldwide initiative to combat bullying and encourage respect and support for all people, no matter their race, gender, or sexual orientation. Lots of great resources, videos, and ways that you can get help or get involved with the movement.
  • Driving Safety - Get the facts on how to drive safely before you get behind the wheel!
  • Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Permit Practice Tests - Free sample permit tests, road sign quizzes, and NJ Motor Vehicle test simulator to help you prepare for your driver's license exam.