Council Information

 The Municipal Council is the legislative body which represents the public. It receives input, develops and adopts policy, resolves public issues, formulates Township policy through motions, resolutions, and ordinances which reflect the needs of the public, and maintains a working knowledge of intergovernmental issues and how they will affect Woodbridge Township.

Woodbridge Township 
1 Main St.
Woodbridge, NJ 07095
Phone: (732) 634-4500

Fax: (732) 602-6053


John M. Mitch, Municipal Clerk, 732-634-4500 ext 6007


Council members may be contacted through the Municipal Clerks Office at the above number or through email (see Elected Officials page). The address is 1 Main Street, Woodbridge, N.J. 07095.


The Municipal Clerk's Office is considered to be the hub of the municipal operations; serving as liaison between the governing officials and the taxpayers and between the executive and legislative bodies. The Municipal Clerk and his staff serve as secretary to the governing body, secretary to the municipal corporation, election official and administration official. Additionally, the office handles requests for copies of information for the public required to be kept on file, and records birth and death certificates, processes marriage licenses, voter registration forms, etc.. The office also receives all applications for bingo and raffle licenses and issues permits required by Ordinance for garage sales, parking, etc..


All meetings of the Municipal Council will be held in the Municipal Council Chambers of the Municipal Building, 1 Main Street, Woodbridge, New Jersey 07095 at 7:00 p.m. unless otherwise published.


Formal action will be taken at a Council Meeting / Work Session.  Executive Session may also take place in accordance with state statutes. 


The Municipal Council, as authorized by Chapter 2 (Article 2-3.1 et seq) of the Revised Ordinance of the Township of Woodbridge, shall constitute the authority to administer the issuance of licenses and to enforce state statutes and regulations and Local Ordinances relating to alcoholic beverage control. The Municipal Council shall have the authority to afford a hearing if and when there is need for such action.


John M. Mitch, RMC, CMC, CMR Municipal Clerk

Councilwoman Nancy Drumm takes the Oath of Office as the newly-elected Council Vice President with her daughter Lauren alongside.