Adminstration and Finance

Business Administrator, Department Director

Robert M. Landolfi, RMC (732) 634-4500 ext.6492
Supervises the management, planning and operations of all Township departments and coordinates the operation and administration of other various Divisions, Offices and Agencies of the township government.



Information Systems (Division of Information Systems)

Michael D. Esolda (732) 634-4500 Responsible for all municipal and school information technology including computer programming, telecommunications and computer network operations.



Municipal Comptroller (Division of Accounts)

Manuel Fernandez (732) 634-4500 ext.6008
The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is responsible for the preparation of the annual Township budget, oversight of more than $250 million in annual cash receipts and disbursements and all Township financial reports.



Personnel (Division of Adminstration)

Marianne Horta (732) 602-6012
Administers employee recruitment and selection, training, evaluation, insurance, labor relations, Affirmative Action compliance



Public Information (Mayor’s Office)

John Hagerty (732) 634-4500 ext.6039
Serves as liaison between Mayor’s Office and residents and Township Council, coordinating publicity efforts that inform residents of Township programs and services.



Purchasing (Division of Adminstration)

Marianne Horta (732) 602-6001
Supervises Township purchasing operations, policies and procedures for supplies, materials, services and equipment.



Tax Assessor (Bureau of Assessments)

Rich Duda (732) 602-6002
Responsible for valuation of all real estate in the Township for property tax purposes; the office maintains ownership records and documents relating to deductions and exemptions and is involved in the defense of tax appeals.



Tax Collector (Bureau of Collections)

Richard Lorentzen (732) 634-4500 ext. 4477 (tax) ext.4530 (sewer)
Administers tax and sewer bills and collections