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August 3, 2020

COVID-19 Information


This is Woodbridge Mayor John McCormac and today is Monday, August 3.

It was a pretty good weekend for the Township as only nine new cases of Coronavirus were reported – three each on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
If three cases for three days actually raised our seven day rolling average then our numbers are pretty good.

Our very first case was reported on Monday, March 16 and we have reported totals for weeks ending on Sunday for 20 weeks now. That first week was 14 when testing sites were rare and we had five straight weeks with case counts in the hundreds in April and May but this last week we had only 13.
There were only two new cases in State facilities and none in health facilities and thankfully no new deaths to report.

Let’s hope this trend continues and we can help the cause by continuing with social distancing and the wearing of facial coverings especially when indoors.
One item worth noting is that the average age of the cases in the last week dropped to 29 and there were five people infected who are in their teens. The virus started out really affecting people in their 70s and 80s but now no age group is exempt from its impact.

The Township will be out all day today and early tomorrow preparing for Tropical Storm Isaias by cleaning out the streams and drains and culverts in problem areas. If you have a catch basin in front of your home you can help by making sure it is clear.

Census takers will start visiting homes in the next two weeks for any residence where the forms were not mailed in or filled out on line so to avoid a visit please log onto

Remember that our Township libraries remain a great resource during this pandemic. You can call 732-634-4450 X5 or email to the Ask-A-Librarian program through if you are unable to visit during regular hours.

Our Summerfest 2020 has been officially cancelled but we are keeping the bands. Real Diamond, a Neal Diamond cover band, will play Monday, September 14 and Saints in the City, a Bruce Springsteen cover band, will play Tuesday, September 15 as we extend our normal Summer Concert Series by a week.

So my dopey friend is also in very bad shape and quite overweight. He is not an attractive man at all. But he did manage to land a contract with Joseph A. Bank men’s stores. They give him $1,000 per month to NOT wear their clothes.

And to my mom - Happy 85th Birthday today!!!!

Thank you and stay safe.


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