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May 26, 2020

COVID-19 Information


This is Woodbridge Mayor John McCormac and today is Tuesday, May 26.

We hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. The Township of Woodbridge sure did with a terrific combined ceremony yesterday in the Town Hall parking lot with all of our veteran’s organizations. You can see pictures like these on our various sites and a video on TV35, YouTube and Facebook.

We also had a good weekend on the Coronavirus front. Our last report was Saturday when we reported only three cases for Friday. Sunday’s report was skipped but the count was only two for Saturday. Monday’s report was skipped and the count was only two for Sunday. Today’s report is only four for yesterday so we are on quite a roll.

That’s eleven cases in the last four days and we have not had a daily count above 13 since May 4.

We report weekly totals on Mondays for the prior seven days and last week’s count was 47 which is consistent with 45 from the week before that but far less than our 10 week average of 150 cases per week. We had over 300 cases in two separate weeks in April.

Please keep these low numbers coming by continuing to wear masks, social distance yourself from others and use good personal hygiene. Again, please keep an eye on your neighbors who are homebound.

There were 37 separate cases last week from State facilities as New Jersey catches up in its reporting to Woodbridge.

The Township is taking steps toward reopening Town Hall when State guidelines allow it. Most interaction with your local government can be done by phone, mail or on-line and our residents have been doing that. We are also accepting appointments if you need to meet with someone to conduct your business so simply call that Department to schedule one. Phone numbers are on our web site, in our newsletter if you save it and on our recycling calendar or you can call the main number at 732 634 4500 and be connected.

The primary election originally set for June 2 has been delayed until July 7 but details have yet to be provided. We know that only some of our 32 polling places will be open and there will be no sample ballots mailed out and you will get a ballot by mail if you are affiliated with a political party.

Decisions on what type of businesses can reopen and how are up to the State of New Jersey and we will keep you posted as best we can when new pronouncements come out.

So two people were convicted this morning for stealing all the calendars from Town Hall. They each got six months.

Keep sending pictures and videos and clearly we are running low on jokes so send more in.

Thanks and stay safe.

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