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March 28, 2020

COVID-19 Information

This is Woodbridge Mayor John McCormac
The Township has four more cases of Coronavirus reported in the last 24 hours which brings our total up to 70 with still no noticeable trends to report. That is our lowest number in a while and we are still well behind the Statewide percentages but that could change overnight. Still, it is better to be below than above. And we really need to keep those 70 people in our thoughts and prayers for a full recovery.
We will continue to work toward closing down group activity at our parks and playgrounds. Parents can help by discouraging your children from participating in group sports and games and from using the playground equipment. If you see anyone trying to remove any barriers we put in place please call the Police non-emergency number at 732 634 7700.
We are starting to see discarded gloves and other hygiene products dumped everywhere, including public areas where they will simply get washed into our streams and rivers then to our bays and oceans and you will see them all again when you are down the shore. By dumping these items you are selfishly putting others at risk to clean them up and dispose of them. Gloves can be removed inside out and thrown in the trash to maintain your personal safety and everything else can be discarded at home or in public waste receptacles. Please keep others safe by doing this.
A list of open pharmacies and food stores along with restaurants who are open for takeout and delivery is on our web site and our social media pages. Someone who does web site work for the Township put all open restaurants in an easy to use web site at This was a terrific effort and we thank him. Please share all this information with anyone who needs it, particularly those who are homebound, and please communicate with them to be sure they are safe.
Our Health Inspectors are making the rounds to all of these businesses to make sure they are following proper food preparation, service and disposal procedures and to make sure they are following proper social distancing. Please remember these local Woodbridge businesses when you are shopping or getting meals.
If you see military vehicles moving through town, do not be alarmed. The National Guard is heading to Raritan Center where a mobile hospital is being built at the Expo Center. Thank you to everyone involved in this effort.
Put your garbage and recycling out under the normal schedule this week. Please stop all unnecessary driving and please wash your hands frequently and sneeze and cough into your sleeve.
Thank you and please be safe.

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