Municipal Alliance/Addiction Services

Children next to mascot

​​The Municipal Alliance is a community organization dedicated to educating our community about substance use prevention.  It comprises three evidence- based programs chosen to target all children attending Woodbridge public schools. If your child attends school in Woodbridge, they will have the opportunity to take part in one or all of these programs at some point in their academic career.

Strengthening Families: Designed to work with families to improve family interaction, the Strengthening Families program is divided into Parenting Sessions and Children's Life Skills. While parents are taught to model and communicate in ways that increase desired behavior in children, children learn to understand their own feelings, resist peer pressure and understand the consequences of substance use. Families participate for seven weeks, and their accomplishment is acknowledged at a special Graduation Ceremony.

Evergreen Youth Center: The Youth Center is a drop-in, drop-off after-school center for elementary and middle school students, located at 400 Inman Avenue in Colonia. The facility provides supervised, fun and drug-free time after school (3:00-6:00) where young people can do homework, hang out with friends, and unwind while parents complete their work day. Special programs at the center teach skills in resisting peer pressure and conflict resolution. Studies show that this after-school period is a risky one for kids, and the Evergreen Center offers a safe alternative. The youth in attendance are surveyed frequently to determine whether the Center is accomplishing the desired results: parents and kids alike give it a big thumbs-up! 

Heroes and Cool Kids:  High School kids get to interact with former athletes and motivational speakers at highly energetic conferences three times during the year. During these conferences, the goal is for students to learn ways to teach life-skills such as resisting peer pressure, avoiding bullying and helping others deal with bullying, resolving conflict, and coping with change. Presenters use and teach role-play, dynamic Q&A sessions and other engaging methods to these high-school heroes.They then relay what they have learned during visits to  middle-school students.  The "Sidekick" program involves middle-school students taking what they have learned and visiting elementary schools to speak with younger children. The program is very popular and all schools in Woodbridge are involved through either the "Heroes" or recently expanded "Sidekicks" program.