FEMA Flood Zones

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  1. 2010 FEMA F.I.R.M. Maps
  2. 2014 Preliminary Flood Maps

FEMA Flood Zones

Please note that the Woodbridge Township Flood Zone Map should only be used as a reference. For further flood zone clarification or to request a flood letter for your property, please contact the Woodbridge Township Engineering Department

View the definitions of FEMA Flood Zone Designations.

View a Sample Flood Letter

You can also visit the 
FEMA website or our ClerkBase site and view Chapter 22 of the General Ordinances for Flood Zone Information. 

FEMA Index Map

View the FEMA Index Map (PDF). This map will show on which FIRM Panel your property is located. Once you find your panel number, locate that panel number from the drop-down list located below.